Sunday, February 13, 2011

Magic Of Love

 It was a steaming exam season. I went there for a combine study, with my friend, so that both of us could get a start on that semester's difficult subject. But he was not at his best mood to study, acting weired, talking rubbish. He was attending his day dreams more than me; thinking and pausing himself while on conversation. Certainly I was not his priority.But I was not fed up, because I knew him well, as he's my best friend.

He was busy with dreaming someone despite giving wild gazes into the book he was holding. Now a days she is his only concern; He have no other topics, but her. Letting him dream I made an attempt to read a paragraph on my book. Thinking me busy, he played a beautiful piece of melody on his phone which was placed next to him. He was listening to that marvelous piece of music, sitting on the couch and his mind with her on a dream world. His eyes began to shine as it slowly filled with tears. I understood in a split second how much he missed her on these short holidays. I felt the depth of his feeling, anyone could at that instant :). I could hear his mind longing for her presence, so desperately.

Just before a few months he was an ambitious person with focused dreams and big ambitions. Now he have only one dream, only one ambition- her. Closely knowing all his past relations, I could clearly tell that he's in love. Yes madly & deeply in love. (Mad enough to justify suicides :P)

PS: Love makes people blind,and forces even the wise to make foolish decisions. Everyone know this and still wants to fall in love. And that is the beauty of it. What a contradiction. ;) :D

- Dedicated to my best friend & his girl.