Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Toony Nostalgia

I was going through some random blogs today when I came across a blog post about the old cartoon Jungle Book. The author was searching for its title song in Malayalam for teasing her friend who she call as 'mowgli '. I decided to help her out because I also have a friend nicknamed 'mowgli ', so it may turn out to be useful for me too… ;-) . After a minute of YouTube search I found out this video. As I played it, memories of good old days began to pour in. :-)

Jungle Book Title Song Malayalam

Years back, may be about 14 yrs back as I remember, this cartoon Jungle Book was telecasted in Doordarsan. Today’s kids can watch cartoon 24x7; they can switch to cartoon network anytime. This was not possible for me and most of the kids at that time. Cable networks were not available as of today in my childhood days. The only channels available were DD National & Metro. Kids get the privilege to watch cartoons only once in a week, ie The Sunday evenings. I still remember how I use to wait eagerly for the weekend cartoon. For me those cartoons were like official closing ceremony of weekend :-D. I can still feel the sadness I felt once the programme is over, when the thoughts of school & homeworks of next working day crawls in:P

It drifted me to a time when there were no tensions, no fear of future, and of course the only tension was getting punished by teachers :-D.

It's not only about this cartoon, But about a time that I loved and lost. 
I miss being a kid....  :-)

Beautiful times, Beautiful memories.......

This much for now ciao….


  1. Reminds me of my childhood.A time which cannot be reclaimed.neat write up !

  2. GOod Going..... I watch cartoons even today....
    Tom & Jerry my favorite...
    Keep writing

  3. @Pragya Thank you.. :)
    Everyone have that remains of the little kid once you were, some where in the corner... :) :)


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