Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Two Beauties Of Life

Everyone of us would have encountered a major point of uncertainty in our life. May be, many of such situations in different stages of life. These are times, when we are uncertain about the outcome of our actions, and can't help much about it. Sometimes, we define such an outcome as destiny or fate. Whatever we call, however we define, it sure is one of the difficult times in one's life. But what actually help us to get through such a difficult time? 


 "Life is all about Uncertainty, and that's the beauty of it."

"Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. "
 - The Shawshank Redemption

It's nothing but Hope - " The hope that everything will go as good as we want it ". It inspires us to live, saying  " one day we will be able to chase our dreams ", and thus inspiring us to work hard for it. It makes us capable of facing difficult situations, head on, consolidating ourselves- " everything is gonna be fine ". Human life is virtually built up on hope, which inspires us to go forward; to live. Even when it fails, it give rise to new ones and propel us forward through time.

Uncertainty surely gives us some difficult times, but does that mean it's a bad thing? Imagine that you know everything about your future, in all its detail. How will it be like ? Absurd isn't it ? Will there be a life? My answer is NO, I don't think there will be any thrill in living up such a life. It means, a life without dreams or hope, which I can't even imagine. Many of us doesn't understand the fact that - " The mystery of life, is what makes it so wonderful ".

Life is all about uncertainty and hope, like say Tom & Jerry ;-). Together they make life a beauty. 

Uncertainty is a part of life, accept it;
Hope is the best thing in life, hold onto it;
Then, Life will be so good, as we want it to be. 

In the hangover of movie -The Shawshank Redemption

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Magic Of Love

 It was a steaming exam season. I went there for a combine study, with my friend, so that both of us could get a start on that semester's difficult subject. But he was not at his best mood to study, acting weired, talking rubbish. He was attending his day dreams more than me; thinking and pausing himself while on conversation. Certainly I was not his priority.But I was not fed up, because I knew him well, as he's my best friend.

He was busy with dreaming someone despite giving wild gazes into the book he was holding. Now a days she is his only concern; He have no other topics, but her. Letting him dream I made an attempt to read a paragraph on my book. Thinking me busy, he played a beautiful piece of melody on his phone which was placed next to him. He was listening to that marvelous piece of music, sitting on the couch and his mind with her on a dream world. His eyes began to shine as it slowly filled with tears. I understood in a split second how much he missed her on these short holidays. I felt the depth of his feeling, anyone could at that instant :). I could hear his mind longing for her presence, so desperately.

Just before a few months he was an ambitious person with focused dreams and big ambitions. Now he have only one dream, only one ambition- her. Closely knowing all his past relations, I could clearly tell that he's in love. Yes madly & deeply in love. (Mad enough to justify suicides :P)

PS: Love makes people blind,and forces even the wise to make foolish decisions. Everyone know this and still wants to fall in love. And that is the beauty of it. What a contradiction. ;) :D

- Dedicated to my best friend & his girl.