Saturday, April 13, 2013

Idea- The Redemption

Do you have an idea?
Have you ever had some sparkling unique idea in your mind, which made you feel like conquering the world? Of course for just a couple of minutes, before your mind tells you a hundred reasons why you shouldn't be so exited.

Everyone of us had came across such instances in life, at least some of us have, right? Some of these Ideas, which are born out of wildest of dreams and extremes of imaginations, will be true beauties with genuine quality. But most of us fail to identify those real ones with great potential.

But rarely some people identifies those ideas, weaves dreams out of it and believes in it. What happens then? The inevitable - they will find their lives changing, not only theirs but also that of ones around them.

Safe & Stuck or Free & Happy?

Belief in our own idea is the first thing we need. Some times we exactly knows how good some of our ideas are. But still we refuse to believe in it. May be because most of us like to "play safe", mostly influenced by society and family. People under utilizes there potential just to "stay safe" and find themselves stuck in their so called "safe option", for rest of their lives, even though there were many other options available to explore, which could have worked wonders, and perhaps given more happiness.

When ever we think about something, first thing which comes in to our mind would be "what if I fail?" which might be more then enough to put off the spark. And of course, adding to the fire, there will be a hundred mouths which will prompt you to go for the "safe option"

What really matters? 

Having creativity is not the big deal, since every one of us are creative in one way or another. The whole point is taking it to the next level, which is the only thing that makes a real difference.

It doesn't mean journey in the path of your dreams and ideas will make you a zillionaire. It is not about money, but something much more than that. Even the smallest achievement in that path will make you happy, like never before; which is something priceless.

Break conventions, Stand out..
Take on the challenge..
Make your life Big, not in others eyes, but in your own....